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Yowshien Kuo

Yowshien Kou's "A Most Obligatory Gesture"

Yowshien Kou's "A Most Obligatory Gesture"

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What has become increasingly evident in recent months is the necessity of text: how words behave and congregate to elevate the sincerity of historical critique and contemporary affections. Revealing what lies beneath the armor of fluorescent colors, glimmering jewels, and dazzling glitter. These shimmering surfaces are bound to a cast of characters who reveal their desires, imaginative universes, and unspoken secrets, aroused by misguided provocations towards self preservation. A discourse that accounts for and reaches beyond both public and private experience. For the first time, this book presents the idiosyncratic text in accompaniment to the images and is intended to be a powerful component to the recent work.


Includes a one of a kind painting made with gesso, acrylic and glitter on cold pressed acid free paper. 140lb / 300gsm 

4x6 inches

10.16 cm x 15.24 cm


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