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Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis

Leslie Hewitt: Sudden Glare of the Sun Catalog

Leslie Hewitt: Sudden Glare of the Sun Catalog

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"Leslie Hewitt: Sudden Glare of the Sun" was the most significant presentation to date in an American museum of New York-based artist Leslie Hewitt (born 1977). Her work challenges our understanding of photography as a purely pictorial medium through an approach that emphasizes its sculptural potential. Hewitt repositions and re-contextualizes books, documents, family photographs, and other everyday objects that possess personal, historical, and political significance to demonstrate 'the transformative power of circumstance or situation.' Her work also reflects a studied interest in the illusory qualities of film—particularly its ability to expand and compress our perception of time and space—and sculpture’s emphasis on the presence of objects and how they alter our physical experience of the world.

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