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Kundalini Ring

Kundalini Ring

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This minimal ring features undulating movement around the finger, representing energy.

Mahnal is a collection of contemporary brass jewelry that studies natural forms and elements to inspire contemplation. This includes silhouettes in nature, the repetition of lines in architecture, or how light plays against texture. Brass pays homage, in its beautiful yellow aged tone, to the adornments of antiquity reimagined for modern times. The metal oxidizes and develops a patina with time as it’s worn that takes on an almost ‘living’ finish. The durability of brass further echoes its inherent ability to transcend time. With the Arabic naming and organic imperfections of each piece, they are imbued with an identity all their own. Mahnal sheds light on the gentle, insightful, and poetic beauty of Islam and the Arabic language. Traditionally, Islamic art is used to inspire contemplation. Through stimulating reflective thought, Mahnal creates a pathway towards embracing a slower, more intentional life.

Jewelry Care.

Brass ring. Size: 6 & 7.
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