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Claudia Comte 40 X 40

Claudia Comte 40 X 40

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Berlin-based artist Claudia Comte has created an intriguing new artist book that functions as an alternative exhibition space for her art works to be viewed and explored. On each oversized double-page spread, the x- and y-axes of the Cartesian coordinate system become a playful mathematical space in which Comte explores the possibilities of her sculptures and geometric patterns. The resulting shapes playfully evolve and revolve around the point of origin where the axes meet, creating a rigorous array of visual combinations and permutations that turn this fascinating book into a two-dimensional sculpture. With the horizontal axis dividing each page into two planes, and the vertical axis along the fold of the book turning the planes into four, the book can suddenly be read from all directions. The massive size and choice to eliminate any text allows a purely visual experience to unfold.

Paperback. 416 pages. 2017. 40 × 20 cm.
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